Looking to make the switch to solar? There are many benefits for your wallet. Plus, you’ll help the environment by utilizing a clean energy source.

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Why Should You Go Solar?


There are many reasons solar is becoming the preferred energy source for residential homes. Two of the most compelling are:

Solar is Better for the Environment


If your home is reliant on a utility company, chances are your carbon footprint is big. Traditional grids are known to be inefficient and wasteful. 

With a standard solar system, you can cut down around four tons of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions annually. Plus, you’ll help eliminate air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide.  

Proven to be a clean source of energy, solar is becoming more desirable. The U.S. government has incentives in place to encourage more residential homes to hop on board.  

Salt Lake City Solar Energy Will Save You Money


This is perhaps the most compelling reason to make the switch. In the long run, solar will save you money. 

Solar panel energy is cheaper than what you’ll get from utility companies. Solar energy only costs ¢6/kWh. With a utility company, you’ll pay ¢21/kWh. The grid’s energy costs are only expected to increase within the next 25 years.

Additionally, solar panels are effective. They can power your home solely on solar energy. This means that you won’t get an expensive electric bill every month from your utility company. With alternatives becoming accessible, energy costs are becoming more competitive. Utility rates are expected to continually increase. 

Your home might require extra energy from the grid. Regardless, you will still see significant savings as your electric bill will be drastically lower. 

Solar systems also increase your property value because appraisers deem installations as valuable. As the public becomes more educated on solar panels, home buyers will seek out properties with systems in place. Keep in mind that property value increases only if you own solar rather than lease. 

Financing Options for Salt Lake City Solar Energy Panels


The initial cost of solar panels might deter some. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be saving in the long run. In Salt Lake City, the average payback time is around 10 years. 

One of the best ways to finance panels is with cash. If you don’t have liquidity available, there are other financing options. In Utah, the interest paid for solar panels over time isn’t that much more than what you would pay upfront. 

Consider organizations such as Dividend and Sunlight. These programs help homeowners finance energy-efficient systems. You can also talk to your credit union about loans. 

Qualified representatives can help you come up with a payment plan that works for you. Our down payments and rate escalators are flexible and unique to each homeowner. 

Government Incentives for Salt Lake City Solar Energy


The U.S. government offers incentives to those purchasing solar systems. The government wants homeowners to take advantage of this clean energy source. Their incentives are making panels more affordable than ever. 

For instance, there is the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. This is a federal personal tax credit of 30% that will be reduced in 2020.

Another personal tax credit is the Renewable Energy Systems State Tax Credit. This is offered by the state of Utah. 

Net metering is another program that will save you money. When your solar panels produce excess energy, you won’t get an electric bill. You’ll receive credit that can be applied to future months. Any remaining credit expires at the end of the annual billing cycle. 

How Saveco Solar Panels Work


We install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on your home. These panels produce electricity by absorbing the sun’s energy during the day and converting it into direct current (DC) electricity. 

However, alternating current (AC) electricity is the common form of energy for most homes. Therefore, the DC electricity passes through a power inverter. This converts it to functional AC electricity. Your home then consumes the electricity or sends it back to the grid for net metering. 

Can I Go Off-Grid?


Technically, you can go off-grid with battery storage. However, this is an expensive route to take, and it’s unnecessary for most homeowners. 

In the majority of cases, you’ll still be connected to the grid when you go solar. You can get energy from the grid when your system isn’t producing enough power. The connection also allows you to send back excess energy. 

Is My Roof Too Old For Solar Panel Installation?


Ideally, your roof should be less than 10 years old. Panels need to be installed on a structurally sound roof. If your roof is older than a decade, have it inspected beforehand. 

When installed by professionals, your system will last you for 25 years.

Are Trees a Problem For My Solar Panel Roof?


As long as they aren’t completely shading your roof, trees are fine. The system kicks on in the morning, peaks in the afternoon, and tapers off in production as the day ends. You want your panels to have exposure to the sun during peak hours. Our installation team will inform you of any obstructions that might affect your property. 

Am I Allowed to Install Solar Panels?


If you own your property, yes. Thanks to Utah’s Solar Access Law, HOAs have limited power when it comes to regulating installations.

You cannot go solar if you rent your property. You must be on the title to sign for the installation.

For those living in condos with a shared roof, this is a tricky process. We recommend that you invest in other energy-efficient upgrades instead.

Is Solar Panel Installation the Right Choice for Me in Salt Lake City, UT?


The benefits of Salt Lake City solar energy speak for themselves. Choosing this renewable energy option is a great way to contribute to a healthier environment and reduce energy costs. 

If you’re thinking about making the move, we can help you answer questions about:

How suitable your home is for a system
What incentives you’re eligible for
How many panels you need
The total cost and payment plans
Your estimated return on investment

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